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As you can see that my last news entry is made in 2004, I don't think anybody would care about "my news" and I probably won't update it anymore. For people really care about me (anybody?) and want to know what I am doing recently, I do have a blog at http://www.2mice.org/cclo_blog/. Well, I don't really update my blog frequently either. But at least I do write something once every....err...maybe a couple of months. Most of my articles in the blog are in Chinese. I will try to write more stuff in English in the future if I can.
  • [Oct 29 2004] Back from San Diego. I went to the annual meeting of the Society for Neurosciences. I had a poster there and talked to many people in my field.
  • [Jul 24 2004] Just gave a talk in Sloan-Swartz centers meeting in Cold spring harbor laboratory.
  • [Jan 15 2004] I passed the thesis defense finally.
  • [Jan 1 2004] Happy new year. I start my postdoc position in Brandeis today.
  • [Dec 5 2004] Due to some schedule problem, my thesis defense is re-scheduled for Jan 15 2004.
  • [Jul. 10 2003] I have decided to take the postdoc position offered by Prof. X.-J. Wang's lab in Brandeis University.
  • [Mar. 7 2003] Just gave a talk in APS meeting. Title: "Scaling behavior of sleep-wake transitions across species"
  • [Nov. 25 2002] Just finished my departmental seminar. A step toward my Ph.D. degree.
  • [Jun. 8 2002] Just back from Taiwan from a 16 days vacation. Time to go back to work.
  • [Mar. 23 2002] Back from the APS march meeting in Indianapolis. Now I can concentrate on my second sleep paper.
  • [Mar. 10 2002] My sleep paper was reported in the Feb. 22 issue of NewsScientist!
  • [Mar. 5 2002] I just got back from San Francisco. Besides attending the Biophysical conference, my girl friend and I had tours in the Yosemite national park and San Francisco. I will upload the pictures we took as soon as I can.
  • [Feb 4. 2002] Just finished a proceeding paper with Plamen. This paper is going to apear as a chapter in a book published by World Scientific soon. Please check my research page for details.
  • [Jan 9. 2002] I just got a confirmation of my talk in the APS March meeting. My talk is: "Dynamics of Sleep-Wake Transitions During Sleep", session G30, 11:48am - 12:00pm, Tuesday March 19, 2002.
  • [Jan 7. 2002] I will go to the Biophysics conference held in San Francisco this year. I will present a poster: "Dynamics of Sleep-Wake Transitions During Sleep."

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