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Some Personal Stuff

Computer and Website

I love computers, webs, internet stuff ....etc. I love linux and use it as my main computer OS both at home and at work. I dislike microsoft although I still somehow use ms-windows occasionally and own a window mobile smartphone. I built a Chinese website several years ago to introduce a program called "Litestep", which is an alternative shell for ms-windows. I stopped maintaining this website one year later, and turned to develope another new website called "Sciscape", which is a scientific news website dedicated for science-majored students or professionals in Taiwan.

To visit Sciscape, please follow the link below (Your system has to support Chinese big-5 code in order to view the website):

Sciscape -- A scientific news website

Pictures, articles and fun stuff

Here are some articles, pictures or ideas which I would like to share with people. Most of them are in Chinese with the big5 code. I am really sorry about this... I am not able to translate them into English due to my limited time and my poor English skill.

Last update: Mar 31, 2009
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